Sending the Right Impression


When you first see someone what is one of the first things you notice? Even before saying a word to another person you instantly form assumptions and judgements based on a few factors. This is completely normal and often something your brain does automatically. It is why first impressions are so important because these judgements can impact the impending conversation and how much a person may like you. Often it is a person’s smile or face that you see first, but what someone is wearing plays a huge role in the initial perception. This is why no matter the situation, paying attention and caring about your clothes and appearance can significantly impact your social standing.

People often dress their best for the office and business situations, but you should not just settle for looking good in formal situations. What you wear in your downtime and in everyday social situations is also very important. You may be surprised at how wearing designer jeans for men can impact how you are perceived at the grocery store or other common scenarios. Simply wearing trendy men’s jeans can make you look a lot better even in the most basic situations.

Men’s workout clothes are also something you can improve on. If you are wearing a ratty shirt or old, gross gym shorts then you are putting off a very negative look. By adding something as simple as men’s leggings or men’s tights under your shorts you can instantly improve your look and be more comfortable working out. These tights are becoming increasingly common in professional athletes as well, making them an obvious choice for anyone wanting to improve their workout.

Whether you want to initially believe it or not, there is a big difference between men’s tights and other clothing and generic or off-brand clothing. One of the biggest differences is the quality of the material. This can significantly impact the overall look and fit of your clothes. You may be tempted to just go to the department store for generic jeans, workout clothes, and other men’s fashion but this is a mistake. Once you see them on yourself or see someone else wearing them, you will be able to tell that they do not look as good as the real thing and can actually make you look worse.

It is nothing new that your appearance can significantly impact how others perceive you. One of the first things people notice about you is what you are wearing. Designer jeans for men and quality, fashionable workout and other clothes will send out a positive impression about you. People notice quality right away and if quality is an important part of the decision you make, then it is time to apply this to your fashion choices. Learn more about clothing at


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